Over the past 17 years, Steven Wolt has worked in the life insurance industry. Steven Wolt currently serves clients at ParqAdvisors, a life insurance and estate planning firm in Beverly Hills, California. In his daily life, he consults with clients and their advisors to determine customized financial plans.

Many professionals earn a reasonable living by selling life insurance, and some life insurance agents have received more than $100,000 in their first year of work.

After an individual has decided to embark on a career selling life insurance, the first step involves determining whether to become an independent broker or captive agent. Those who do business independently can choose to sell life insurance policies from several different organizations, while captive agents work for one provider. In addition, a prospective life insurance agent must go through a training program and receive licensure to operate as a professional agent. Many states sponsor different licenses, and individuals can consult with a staffer from a local Department of Commerce to find out what steps must be followed to earn agent certification.

Since many life insurance agents work on their own, other aspects of running a business to consider include the physical location of an office and cost of supplies. Marketing supplies can help a new life insurance agent obtain his or her first customers, and these professionals should also consider the possibility of choosing a specialization. Those who focus on one area of life insurance, such as long-term care insurance or group policies, possess an advantage over other agents who only offer general plans. Life insurance agents can become very successful in helping individuals protect their families and loved ones in cases of death.